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Assimilation Seminar

Assimilation Seminar

Marty teaches on “Building an Assimilation Ministry” within the local church. In this high impact information based seminar, he discusses understanding the assimilation process, the four essentials of assimilation, 10 components of an assimilation ministry, and how to close the back door. After working on staff at one of America’s fastest growing churches at one time, a mega-church in southern California, Marty has compiled a wealth of powerful information which can fit or apply to any church model. He Help’s your church leadership staff and all core leaders to understand that assimilation “MUST” be the central engine within all areas of ministry; not just another program. Marty teaches the difference between a Maintenance Minded Mentality vs. a Mission Minded Mentality. He shows that progressive growing churches are strategic in their growth and that nothing happens on accident. This seminar will add to your current assimilation ministries or assist in starting one.

Benefits of the Assimilation Seminar to your Church:

  • Brings all ministry staff, core leaders, department heads, ministry leaders, etc, together to learn and understand the importance of being an assimilation driven church.
  • Helps everyone involved to get on the same page.
  • Creates a mental paradigm shift in the minds of the entire team to understand the value of leadership. Everything rises and falls on leadership!
  • Helps to strengthen current assimilation systems.
  • Provides the information to begin an assimilation ministry with systems to grow your church.

To have Marty Celaya at your Church or Business:

  • Southern California Area: A $300. To $500. love offering is appreciated. A product table. No transportation is needed; Marty resides in the Los Angeles area. No lodging is necessary unless the seminar requires an overnight stay. The Assimilation Seminar works best on a Saturday from 9am to 12 noon. The church should attempt to provide seminar style seating (rectangular tables, table cloths) as this works best for writing and filling in the workbooks. Any set up will work, however the seminar format is preferred. Coffee and water is sufficient for the two hour workshop provided by the hosts. A continental breakfast is optional if the church or business wants to provide this for their people. Marty will provide a master assimilation workbook for the church to reproduce for the desired number of attendees at their expense.
  • Out of state or far away: Along with everything mentioned above, the church should pay for an economy round trip airfare generally in advance allowing Marty plenty of time to arrive in their city. Transportation to and from the church should be provided by the church . Reasonable lodging should be set up in advance for the day of arrival and the duration of Marty’s stay. With churches, a weekend Assimilation Seminar along with preaching the weekend services works best to maximize results. Seminar honorariums are separate from church service love offerings, but can be paid through one check.

For maximum results, Marty recommends: 2 Weekend Plan

  • First weekend doing the Saturday Leadership Workshop from 9am. to 12 noon. Preaching the Sunday services, and teaching a 1 ½ hour leadership training Sunday night to the church staff and core leaders. This first weekend allows the church to get to know Marty Celaya and vice versa.
  • Second Weekend, doing the Saturday Assimilation Seminar from 9am. to 12 noon. Preaching the Sunday services. This second weekend allows the leadership to gain the training and information needed to build an assimilation ministry.