• In this inspiring book, Being an Encourager on Purpose, 10 Keys to Unlock Your Encourager Within, you will discover the 10 Keys to help you become the dynamic Encourager God intends for you to be. Get ready: Be Encouraged: The world needs you now. You will discover:
  • KEY # 1 "How To Understand God's Encouragement To Us"
  • KEY # 2 "How To Encourage On Purpose"
  • KEY # 3 "Being An Encouragement"
  • KEY # 4 "How One Word Can Change Your Life"
  • KEY # 5 "Instilling Courage, Breaking Fear And Failure"
  • KEY # 6 "How Every Person Matters, Treating People Right"
  • KEY # 7 "Being Comfortable In Your Own Skin"
  • KEY # 8 "How To Fight Through Discouragement, Never Giving Up"
  • KEY # 9 "Why We Should Value The Power Of Encouragement"
  • KEY # 10 "Creating A Legacy As An Encourager"

My Best Friend Tim

  • In this one-of-a-kind book of short stories, you will venture into the life of Tim Storey as told from a life-long friend. You will see the many sides that make up one of America’s most respected influencers. From a dynamic minister, motivational life coach, author, family man, and friend, take a trip down memory lane and experience the early days that helped shape Tim into the man he is today. Experience over thirty years of short stories you will never hear from anywhere else! Get ready to laugh, cry, learn, and laugh some more as I share my moments with My Best Friend Tim.
  • Find Out
  • What was Tim like as a teenager?
  • Was he really Mr. Disco?
  • What kind of practical jokes has Tim pulled along the way?
  • How did Tim receive his call to the ministry?
  • What was it like in the early days when his ministry exploded?
  • How did Tim begin a powerful ministry to Hollywood’s entertainment industry?
  • What was it like traveling with Tim across America and abroad?
  • What are some special lessons learned from Tim over many years?
  • What is it like having a friend like Tim Storey?