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The Leadership Workshop

The Leadership Workshop is a two hour working seminar designed to increase your leadership skills. This workshop breaks down the word, “LEADER,” discussing the importance of leadership skills, equipping, attitude, being a dreamer, excellence, and building relationships. Marty teaches that in order to become a leader, we must know what a leader looks like! He begins the workshop describing the three phases of leadership, 1. The Discovery Phase, 2. The Development Phase, and 3. The Devotion Phase. He then goes on in the first half to discuss what a leader looks like. In the second half of the workshop, Marty talks about the 10 ways that a Leader gains influence. This high impact workshop is designed to provide powerful and valuable leadership information which has been compiled from some of the best leadership experts anywhere. A 20 page (two-sided fill in the blanks) master workbook is provided to the church for duplication.

Benefits of the Leadership Workshop to your Church:

  • Brings all ministry staff, core leaders, department heads, ministry leaders, etc, to develop their leadership skills “Together.”
  • Helps everyone involved to get on the same page.
  • Creates a mental paradigm shift in the minds of the entire team to understand the value of leadership. Everything rises and falls on leadership!
  • Provides an opportunity to invite everyone attending the church with the potential to recruit many new people into the ministries of the church.

Benefits of the Leadership Workshop to your Business:

  • When there is unity within a business amongst the staff and employees, the result is more productivity and efficiency from the team positively affecting the “Bottom Line”. When the entire team understands the value of leadership, the business environment is strengthened and the team is empowered. Everything rises and falls on Leadership; this is certainly true within the business world.

To have Marty Celaya at your Church or Business:

  • Southern California Area: A $300. To $500. love offering is appreciated. A product table. No transportation is needed; Marty resides in the Los Angeles area. No lodging is necessary unless the workshop requires an overnight stay. The Leadership Workshop works best on a Saturday from 9am to 12 noon. Marty is more flexible with the scheduling for a business. The church or business should attempt to provide seminar style seating (rectangular tables, table cloths) as this works best for writing and filling in the workbooks. Any set up will work, however the seminar format is preferred. Coffee and water is sufficient for the two hour workshop provided by the hosts. A continental breakfast is optional if the church or business wants to provide this for their people. Marty will provide a master workbook for the church or business to reproduce for the desired number of attendees at their expense.
  • Out of state or far away: Along with everything mentioned above, the church or business should pay for an economy round trip airfare generally in advance allowing Marty plenty of time to arrive in their city. Transportation to and from the church or business should be provided by the church or business. Reasonable lodging should be set up in advance for the day of arrival and the duration of Marty’s stay. With churches, a weekend Leadership Workshop along with preaching the weekend services works best to maximize results. Workshop honorariums are separate from church service love offerings, but can be paid through one check.